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Restorative Justice Training Program

The Restorative Justice Training Program equips staff with tools and necessary knowledge to build community, manage disputes and resolve conflict. The training series introduces the concept of repairing harm done and ushers out practices that simply punish the wrong done. The training program prepares attendees to facilitate culture shifts, looking at systems through a restorative lens, creating a model that keeps the community growing and learning together.

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This is an introduction to restorative Justice. The fundamentals will be introduced.

8 hr.

The fundamentals will be introduced as well as well as general models for integrating restorative practices in schools.

3-Day Retreat

We will engage in a series of restorative exercises that reveal behaviors that have the potential to lead to harm within your school culture. We will collectively begin the process of deconstructing systems that rob your school culture of meaningful relationships, for the purpose of building relationships among staff, within the student body, and among the families of students. At the conclusion of the retreat, we would have laid a foundation to construct systems that proactively build community, manage disputes and resolve conflict.

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