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Parent Workshops

BeWell provides workshops to parents to provide support, skills and necessary knowledge to foster socio-emotionally well youth.

Psychoeducation Sessions

BeWell's clinicians facilitate evidence-based psychoeducation sessions that provide necessary coping skills and knowledge to better manage with various psychological interferences such as anxiety, depression and self-harm.

Life Skill Sessions

BeWell facilitates life skills sessions to provide necessary knowledge and skills in social interaction, self-management, problem solving and other skills integral to successful living.

Professional Development

Allow BeWell to support staff in various topics associated with Social and Emotional competence. Topics varying from being culturally-responsive, trauma-informed, preventing compassion fatigue and burnout, or workshops on new and innovative tools and practices within your organization!

Restorative Practices

BeWell understands the importance of building healthy communities. If you're looking to improve or repair relationships within your community of individuals, promoting pro-social behavior through restorative intergration, allow BeWell to facilitate the process.


BeWell's therapists provide both individual and family therapy to help with a broad variety of mental and emotional difficulties. Our hope is to support individuals and families in eliminating or controlling troubling symptoms, that they may function better and increase well-being.

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