In a rush?...

Have you ever been on the expressway in a rush to make it somewhere by a certain time? You were convinced that you were going to miss out on an amazing opportunity because you were going to be late. So what do you do? You hunk the horn in urgency, trail bumpers or serpentine through the lanes in hopes to escape the Sunday drivers. I once heard that speeding only allows for 5 additional minutes. Consider all the near misses. You jeopardized arriving at all just to arrive 5 minutes earlier had you just did the speed limit...

What I deduce from that fact is that it's more costly to rush your way to a destination than it is to simply go with the flow of traffic. Recently, I was in traffic in a rush to facilitate a session. I was running late, and as the time drew near to when I was due to begin, I became increasingly anxious. However, I observed that I was not alone in this, and that it was apparent all surrounding vehicles were too in a rush. Cars were serpentining from lane to lane and what I discovered is that those vehicles exerting more energy changing from lane to lane found themselves right back where they started, delayed. As I watched this happening, I quickly resolved to simply remain in my lane and go with the flow of traffic. As I remained, cars who opted to switch lanes made way for me to pass them by...

Moral of the story, traffic always picks up. Remain in your lane, go with the flow of traffic and you'll make it to your destination the time in which you're supposed to...

Life will eventually open up and make room for you. So don't switch lanes, don't take any shortcuts, just go with the flow of traffic; it'll pick up, it always does.

Here's to functioning while being well!

Be well!


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