Dear Texas....

In light of the recent events in Texas. I'm moved with much emotion. Though I don't know how the whole lot of you directly affected by Hurricane Harvey may feel, I sympathize with you, friend. This is to you...

Think back to a time in your life where you were oppressed, depressed and hope had become distant. You found yourself in a situation that had stripped you of your will to live. In fact, reasons to live escaped you. For many of you, you wanted a change however you had grown accustomed to life as it stood. For some, it was debt. You were living paycheck to paycheck and the threats to repossess your luxury car or be evicted from the lakeside condo were becoming more frequent as they caused a hovering anxiety with the daunting question, "Will this be the day I lose it all?" For another, it was a job. Your generous paying job with it's taxing hours, endless demands and a condescending boss who without fail rendered their routine remarks tearing down your self-esteem one insult at a time. Yet, you remained as the question, "Could I ever get a better paying job?" cowers you into staying put. For some of you, it was a relationship. You were a prisoner to your own body as your partner abused you daily just for being too beautiful. Too smart. Too good. Too much better than them. Rehearsing over and over again in your mind, "I could never find anyone better than them."

In the haze of despair, you caught a glimpse of what life could be. Sure, the vision didn't entail the luxury car, with the condo off the lake, but it entailed LIFE apart from it. The vision didn't entail the six-figure position with the company car, but it entailed LIFE apart from it. The vision doesn't entail the man or the woman you'd been with since high school, but it entailed LIFE apart from them. That vision, as far removed from your reality it was, gave you the motivation you needed to leave it so that you could live.

My Texan friend, envision what life can be after this. Envision that gratitude, that second wind to live life to the fullest, the fresh perspective, the measure of strength and courage that only comes after suffering for just a little while. In that vision, it may not have the vehicle you were driving before the storm, the house you lived in, the clothes you wore, but what it will have is your LIFE apart from it. Draw from that same strength that gave you the courage to leave a life-threatening situation before. Realize this is no different. Hurricane Harvey is just as other storms you've lived through. As the waters were rising, you considered all you'd be losing if you left, so you remained, as the thought "Will I ever recover?" paralyzed you, but, in a split decision, you courageously realized you had to leave it to live. Brave one, just as you left that abusive relationship, the bigot boss, or some other aching scenario, you left your belongings holding fast to the saving grace that there is LIFE apart from it.

You had to leave it to live...and you shall do just that! Even apart from it...

Here's to being well, while functioning...

Be well, Texas...


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