You still are...

You ever wonder why when faced with unfavorable situations, the first thing we question is our selves? After the loss of a job, after failure, trouble in our relationships, weight gain, the first thing we ask is, "am I still... good enough?" Why do we allow external influences interrupt the way we internally view ourselves. We base our self-esteem off of the way life is yielding to us at that moment. What a gamble! Today, you get a promotion, tomorrow you're laid off. Will you then question if you were ever qualified for the promotion in the first place? You wore a size 4 before the birth of your child and now you're a 12. Will you then question if you're still beautiful? Your spouse overwhelmed you with affection at the start of your marriage but now forgets to give you kisses in the morning. Will you then question if you're lovable?

Questioning your self during the hard spells is mutually exclusive to knowing what makes you, YOU. Jobs, perfect bodies, and perfect relationships are superficial. Our traits run deep as they are permanent. Of course, we always want our relationships to remain blissful, keep the six figure jobs, lose weight fast after giving birth and always make the best judgment calls in life but, at times we will get the exact opposite. For some, we'll be the heaviest we've ever been, be laid off and not get along with our spouse possibly all at the same time! We ALL get our turn. Not to feel like a disgrace to ourselves but quite the contrary. We get our turn to confirm that even with the odds against us we as a person remain constant. STILL brilliant, attractive, lovable, caring, kind and any other amazing trait we hold. Your weight does not define you, your job does not define you, your relationship does not define you! It is you that defines the weight, the job, and the relationship. So yes! In, out, up, down, skinny, overweight, rich or poor you are STILL and forever will be good enough. "How?", you ask? Because...your essence will never escape you. We part ways from jobs, pants sizes and sometimes even relationships but YOU, in all of your splendor, are the one thing that you are tangibly stuck with until the end of time.

Affirm yourself in such a way that when life happens, and it will, you will remember that you are STILL good enough.

Here's to being well while functioning!

Be well!


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