"Functioning, but are we well?"

Some of us are young working professionals, students, parents, or all of the above. Some in the awkward stage, clueless to your potential, going through the motions of what seems right in hopes of stumbling into purpose, while others are on the verge of discovering their true identity. At any rate, amidst our uncertainties, many people depend on us and would fall at our failure to deliver. So, we continue to deliver. When tired, when sick, when clueless, when frustrated, when angry, when burned out, when dissatisfied, we...still...deliver. We continue to function, ensuring the wellness of those we're responsible to. As a result, we're considered well by our continuing to deliver. We continue to deliver as if we have it all figured out. We continue to function for the sake of those who need our functions. Functioning, but are we well? Are we emotionally sound? Are we socially well? Are we mentally sober?

This blog is dedicated to you! This is a reminder to allow yourself to be well, first. Take a proactive role in maintaining your mental, emotional and social wellness. Shamelessly SELF-care! You owe it to yourself to continue being the strong, dependable gift to those you serve by caring for YOU first. Caring for you does NOT have to take from others. Caring for you ensures the care of others directly connected to you.

So, let's talk relationships. Let's talk burn outs. Let's talk parenting. Let's talk fulfillment and the lack thereof; passion in its absence. Why? It's likely that these are the factors that cause the mental, emotional and social instability. Let's speak to it. Let's speak to it and let's be frank; that we may safeguard ourselves from its nuisance. You'll be glad you did.

Here's to functioning, while being well.

Be Well!

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