Under Management: Learning to Manage Self

Life is unpredictable! We make efforts to manage it's arbitrary nature best we can but life continues to be undefeated in catching us off guard. Though we can't manage life itself, we can manage our selves. During sessions of, "Under Management", we will focus on how best to manage "self" when under stress, when angry, and when our self-esteem is low. 

Safe sex: A guide to Holistic Abstinence...

Premarital sex has been countered physically with the absence of the mind and emotion's involvement when in fact takes holistic effort. Abstinence has been an unattractive theory as of late due to the absence of the truth. In efforts to keep singles from having premarital sex, sex has been pegged negatively. The perks have been withheld and many have yet to be enlightened on the costly power the act holds that can only be freely experienced within the confines of marriage. Author, Ashley V. Perkins, has provided a guide to dispel myths of abstinence, reveal the cost of premarital sex and turn today's generation back toward the safest sex, married sex. Abstinence is truly attainable and this guide will equip young singles to conquer barriers and thrive in their choice to abstain.

Built to last: Relationships rid of conflict

"Built to last" turns its attention to the presence of conflict within relationships. Accepting conflict as a healthy norm will be countered by dispelling misconceptions of what is deemed necessary functions of relationships. We'll bring to the forefront the attributes of healthy relationships and develop a discipline to apply these points in our relationships. Whether platonic or romantic, the bottom line principle remains universal. By definition, relationships can be rid of conflict.

Meaningful life: Core values that define the essence of life

"Meaningful life" presents 9 unique core values (charity, joy, peace, patience, respect, integrity, loyalty, gentleness and self control) befitting to all walks of life to serve as a guide and act as an anchor to the essence of life. With these basic core values as principles to live by, you'll develop a positive outlook, seizing all life has to offer. Each session will be both mentally and emotionally edifying as we breakdown the essence of each core value, taking a look at life through the lens of each value. Each attendee will learn to integrate these values in every situation for the best outcome.

Becoming a Stamina-Driven Culture: Key points to attain success

We tend to always start new pursuits well. What however causes a turn of events? In these sessions, we will evaluate the ways in which we approach our endeavors, and how we maintain with opposition. We can't speak of the uncertainties that will be experienced, however, we hold what it takes to maintain stamina to attain success.

Stay woke: Social awarness program geared toward parents of adolescents

"Stay Woke" is an awareness program designed to inform parents of prominent issues produced by the culture of today's generation. By design, the depth of information covered will equip parents to be prepared and aware of defining youth issues so that they can take a more proactive role in the well-being of their children.

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