Ashley V. Perkins B.A.


Certified Life Coach

Certified Circle Keeper

Meet Ashley Perkins, founder of Be|WELL. With an innate passion for knowledge and building awareness, she knew from the start she wanted to play a role in education. She graduated Trinity Christian College with a Bachelors of Arts in History; Education Studies. Through this major, she learned the foundation of research-based practices, received vigorous training in classroom instruction and the elements of creating a space conducive to learning. Her learning here prepared her for the next steps of her life. 


Upon graduation, she accepted the role as Team leader for By the Hand Club for Kids, an inner-city after school program serving low-performing youth  who manifested a range of behavioral and social issues. It was this experience that led her to understand the true effects of societal stigmas, external circumstances and the need for social and emotional learning.  Having witnessed the wide range of negative effects on her students, she determined then the need for creative, targeted intervention.  She realized the traditional classroom was outdated, and that it was time for culturally-relevant training that inspires youth to be transformed. 


 As a trainer, she develops an interactive, innovative curriculum tailored for ages 12 years to 24 years that develops social and emotional competence. Ashley delivers content with conviction, capturing the attention of her audience.  She sets the stage for participants to actively utilize and demonstrate social and emotional learning skills and attitudes. Through her training, she implores participants to take ownership of their lives.  Ultimately,  Be|WELL was founded to be a vehicle for social-emotional learning, to give youth and their families back their ability to live well mentally, emotionally and socially. 

"It's time youth developers take preventive measures and equip youth with social and emotional competence. We must empower them to  create the best life possible for themselves. 


Ashley V. Perkins



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